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There is only one place to learn training techniques from World Champion Trainers and Competitors ... Dog World Sarasota Training Academy!

Dog World Sarasota Training Academy ... come and learn from the most accomplished trainers in the world. Our Seminars/Workshops/Continuing Education courses feature only the Best Trainers and there training methods which have influenced dog training from around the Globe. In the upcoming months we will be hosting several Seminars/Workshop/and Continuing Education Courses all hosted by World Champion Trainers. If you ever wondered what it takes to become a World Champion and what they all have in common? Now you can find out by attending one of our Seminars. Come learn firsthand what it takes to be the Best. Spaces are limited so reserve your place early.

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Peter lives in Germany and began training dogs at age 14. Peter has been training dogs for almost 35 years. He has competed in numerous World Championships with his dog Bendix vom Alderauge and won a few along the way! Peter won the 2009 FMBB & 2009 FCI World Championships then came back to defend his title and win the 2010 FCI World Championship. Wanting to be the best is not the same as being judged the best. Winning comes from years of dedication to your passion, Peter is passionate about dogs. Come learn what makes his training methods the best in the World. He has competed in over 35 World and National Championships and has been in the top ten……28 times and in the top 5…….21 times. How does he stay so consistent? What does he know that I don’t know? Come find the answers to these and many other questions you have always wanted to know. Space is limited so don’t delay sign up early to make sure you have the opportunity to attend.

MAY 3rd – 5th



This course is designed to give the handler and trainer an excellent insight into Target method detection.

Day One: Presentation and lecture on how the On Target Method evolved and the difference in more traditional methods commonly used.

Day Two: Evaluating dogs for the practical portion of the seminar. Those dogs passing the evaluation will be utilized in the second part of Day Two of demonstrating the use of the wall.

Day Three: Putting what the dogs learned on the wall to practical use and moving to the outside world.

There will be only 10 working spots per day. If you are interested in attending or have specific questions email them to


Director of World Class K9 and Columnist for K9 Cop Magazine
James Allen Parker Columnist for K9 Cop

James Allen Parker has served the civilian and law enforcement community tirelessly over his vast career. Besides working as an inner agency police K-9 unit training specialist, he has hosted numerous law enforcement seminars, instructed numerous police departments, military and special forces units, served as K-9 Perfections Northern training director and is currently the national training director for World Class Canine.

James Allen Parker also serves the entire military and police community as K9 Cop Magazine's bite-work columnist. James has trained hundreds of military, law enforcement and personal protection dogs and is in constant demand around the country.
James will be working with both decoys and Law Enforcement K9 handlers to increase the effectiveness and interaction between both.

We are currently working on dates for James's seminars and class schedule check back soon!

FEBRUARY 1st & 2nd




Denise Fenzi 2 day seminar

Denise Fenzi is a 25 year veteran of training, competing, and titling in Schutzhund, obedience, tracking, agility, conformation, and herding who has earned multiple HITs in obedience and Schutzhund. Denise's positive training methods are widely recognized for producing dogs with exceptional attention, accuracy and enthusiasm for their work. She uses her extensive knowledge of canine drives to motivate the dog and turn training into a positive experience for an enthusiastic and accurate performance. She has extensive experience working with all kinds of dogs.

Denise does more than teach you to train your dog in specific exercises. She teaches you to understand the work from your dog's point of view, so you become a problem solver for your dog. Denise has an affinity for working with puppies and dogs needing retraining on poorly-taught exercises.

Saturday: Drives and Motivation for Obedience – In this seminar, examples tend to be obedience focused throughout the two days. Working participants will each receive one on one feedback on their obedience working on a specific problem or simply polishing up their performance.

Sunday: Problem Solving For Competitive Obedience and Rally – This seminar allows extensive working time with each team. There is no group work. Each dog's problem or stage of training is discussed, and options for working through the problem are presented. The team then practices with continuous feedback from Denise.

There will be only 12 working spots per day. If you are interested in attending or have specific questions email them to

Dog Trainer Academy Classes

Our dog trainers school is designed for professional law enforcement personnel, novice trainers and professionals looking to expand their knowledge, start their own business or jump start a career working with dogs.

    Our programs benefit:

  • Law enforcement professionals
  • Dog trainers
  • Kennel staff and daycare workers
  • Pet sitters
  • Grooming and Veterinary personnel

Introduction Kennel Management – 4 weeks


Kennel Management is designed to teach the attendee about day to day operations of running a boarding facility. This course is designed to introduce attendees to the real world scenarios of dealing with Dog Diseases, Kennel Sanitation, Proper Nutrition, Client Interaction and General Operations. Upon completion of this course students will have the basic information necessary to jump start a career in the dog and animal care field.

K9 Drug Detection Trainers Course – 4 weeks


In the four week “K9 Drug Detection Dog Trainers Course” the student or trainer will learn the art of timing, shaping and rewards. With this technique the student learns to allow the dog to learn for itself that his eyes and ears mean nothing when it comes to earning the reward object. In training this way we eliminate 95% of the cues that may cause false indications. We teach a targeting Method so that the dog learns to earn his reward thru proper behavior. This is the future of detection training and is already being used in many law enforcement and civil training applications. This course teaches you the necessary techniques to start a new dog from the ground up. Basic obedience, behavior modification and the proper selection criteria of a drug dog are all covered in this course.
(This course requires you to bring a dog with you)

Handler Training for Single Purpose Detection K9 – 3 weeks


In the three week “Detection Dog Handler Course” the handler learns the concepts of Target detection and learns how it differs from Traditional Methods. During the training the handler learns the art of timing in rewarding the dog properly and gains a basic understanding of the training method in order to be a more effective and efficient handler. The handler learns how to maintain and advance the dog's training in a way that allows the dog to understand how to use his nose and to ignore other outside distractions when it comes to earning the reward object. This course is intended for various detection disciplines, i.e. narcotics, explosives, cadaver or search & rescue. This course is designed to help handlers become more in tuned with their dog and to become a better team. This course is designed for handler/dog teams with some scent training or imprinting having already been started.
(This course requires you to bring a dog with you)

Decoy and Helper Training Course – 4 weeks


In the four week “Decoy and Helper Training Course” the helper learns the concepts behind prey drive and fight drive and how to use the different drives to build a dogs confidence. During the training we will teach you how to help build proper biting techniques and grips. The helper will learn the difference between offensive and defensive training techniques and how to when to use each one effectively to train police, military and personal protection dogs. This course teaches the skills necessary to train a dog from beginning foundation work thru a fully trained personal protection dog. This course is designed to give a foundation for any law enforcement decoy or personal protection decoy looking for a career training dogs.

Coming Soon...

Please continue to check back with us as we will be adding additional courses in the near future.