Link Instructions


The importance of “Link Quality”

“Once you’ve set up your website the next most important thing to do is to start to build links. SEO link building is just as important as website optimization and is an ongoing process that needs to become part of your weekly routine in order to make your site the best it can be. To make matters more difficult, long gone are the days when you could just farm out link building to a company and buy hundreds or thousands of inbound links for your site. With Google having recently adjusted their algorithm to ensure that quality trumps quantity, it seems that SEO and link building will become more and more about quality over the coming months and years.” — "Top Five SEO Link Building Tips"

Link Trade Instructions

  • It seems ridiculous to have to even have to suggest that quality content is important but most people think about content last. For this reason, we require that links to and from our site be to quaility content and be done in the following manner.
  • Link to Dog World Sarasota using one of the options listed below and we will reciprocate giving you links to your site(s).
  • Instruct the person maintaining your website to create a link area for you on your website.
  • Contact your webmaster instructing them to create a link to our site using the option that you chose.
  • When our ad copy and link are active on your site(s)., either you or your webmaster will need to email our webmaster with "Link is Up" in your subject line.
    • Please include the following in your email
    • Your promotional copy
    • The Link Text you want us to put on our site along with the URL you want it to link
    • A jpg photo of you or your logo sized and compressed properly (if you have chosen that option).
    • A recap of our sites that you linked to and where we can find the links on your site(s).

Option A—Link Only

anchor text: Train your Dog

Option B—Promotional copy (Approximately 65 words)

anchor text: Train your Dog
body text: Because obedience training is not always the answer to correct unacceptable, and problematic behaviors, you may want to schedule a consultation with Dog World Sarasota to learn how to curb even the most severe dog related problems.